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Special Timbuktu® Offer for Motorola 5101 or 6120 Series Cable Modem Users

Available Now: Timbuktu Version 9.0

  • Windows 7


We are pleased to offer Timbuktu to owners of the Motorola 5101 or 6120 Series Cable Modems at 50% off the retail price, for the download version. Please click on the 'continue' button below for access to the special discounted pricing. Please note, Timbuktu requires one license for each Windows or Mac desktop you would like access. A multi-platform version is available for access to mixed PC and Mac environments.

To continue to purchase, please type ‘6120’ in the 'product code' field below and click continue.

Enter Product Code

If you have any question please call Motorola Customer Service at 1-877-466-8646.


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